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This traditional therapy has a broad spectrum of uses and benefits, from simply moving the lymphatic system, pulling stagnant blood, and massaging the sub-dermal tissues.  This action effects the body in positive ways that can reduce pain, inflammation, and remove toxins allowing the body to restore itself in a natural regenerative process.  There are three levels of cupping therapy that we offer, the first being massage cupping; where the cup is placed on the oiled skin with minimal suction and moved around to offer a reverse deep tissue massage.  The second level of cupping is dry cupping; where the cups are applied to specific points and left to draw the stagnant fluids to the surface, this leaves ecchymosis spots where the cups were placed and allows for the activation of white blood cells to the area to activate the bodies normal healing process.  The third level of cupping is wet cupping; where small incisions are made upon the surface of the skin and cups are applied to directly draw out the stagnant toxins which are pulled to the surface of the skin.

Traditional Cupping Therapy: Wet Cupping

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