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Lighthouse by the Ocean

Personal Connection

We strive to establish a sincere human to human connection, as much of what we need for healing is shared through a trusting exchange.  We are all in need of the right connections which strengthens the fulcrum for balancing support.  Life happens over time, so we work together to take it in stride and properly pace ourselves for the short and long term goals along the way.

Fitra means a natural state of being, which is to develop a genuine connection to simply being human.  It seems intuitive, but we live in a time where life is extra challenging with so many options as to how we direct our energy on a daily basis.  It is common to lose sight of who we are in relation to the real world around us.  Fitra is returning to who we really are and allowing that pivot to bring health and well being into our lives.

Through our services, we offer mentoring guidance to help you navigate the many roads that help lead to what health means to you.  Whether it is dietary changes, reflecting on carrier choices, relationships, happiness, spiritual development, or self-care; we are here to confidently stand with you as you reach your goals and to offer advice and insight as to the many options for success.

Yasmin and Salih are certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as Health Coaches, while Sabrina is an Ayurvedic Practitioner certified through New World Ayurveda.  Along with these core studies we have a rounded holistic approach which offers a broad spectrum of complementary health care.


For decades my wife and I have been in healthcare, our first choice was to look for natural remedies and if that did not provide the solution we would work with modern medicine as needed.  We raised our family on this complementary approach, but along the way, we have learned much about holistic health and continued to develop an affinity to that spectrum of healing.  For the past couple of decades, the idea to open a holistic clinic has been in the air and now The Fitra Wellness Center is the culmination of this dream come true.


We are a family of healthcare providers who focus on helping people find holistic solutions, first from the innate God-given ability with-in each of us and then from that which is provided in the world around us as needed.

Yasmin H. Mohamud

Nutritional Health Coach

Yasmin, Mother of 7, has been applying holistic healing within the family for years and with clients as well.  Being a Certified Raw Food Chief, she has authored two Raw Food Cookbooks (in  English and Somali).  She brings great experience to the wellness center through her Nutritional Health Coaching, Reiki Energy Healing, Traditional Cupping Therapy, and Raw Food classes.

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Salih D. R. Erschen

Nutritional Health Coach

Salih has been in the healthcare industry for a couple of decades, the last 10 years serving as a Paramedic and managing as the Chief.  Still, he has always had proactive natural health as his main focus.  He has developed a few nutritive herbal formulas to help support various conditions and is currently extending the line to include many others.  Through the wellness center, he offers Nutritional Health Coaching, Reiki Energy Healing, Traditional Cupping Therapy, and herbal medicine

Sabrina E. Erschen

Ayurvedic Practitioner

As an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Sabrina specializes in women's health and is passionate about supporting women to feel empowered through their bodies.  She uses pulse diagnoses, reads the tongue for signs of imbalance, and offers Ayurvedic Health Coaching accordingly.  She also provides Abhyanga, warm oil massages to bring proper energy to the body as needed.

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