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Sultan’s Brew helps bring about focus and strengthens our noble stature with positive energy to improve general health. This is an uplifting tea that promotes metabolism with Yerba Mate & Matcha, along with Nigella (Black Seed) which is noted to be a panacea for everything but death. So, enjoy a sovereign cup of goodness that provides access to higher levels of self-enriching health.


Ingredients: Honey, Peppermint, Yerba Mate, Matcha, Nigella, Cardamom, Ginger


Use: Simply take a teaspoon of Sultan’s Brew formula and stir it into a standard 8-12 oz tea cup of hot water, as the honey-herb paste melts it becomes a tea infused with all of the wonderful properties of the formula. Give the herbs some time to settle and enjoy your lovely tea. While tea is a good way to take in warm fluids, to remain hydrated for optimum body function one should also be aware of the general benefits of increasing water intake throughout the day.

Sultan's Brew

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