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Image by Brooke Lark


IIN Nutrition Coach &

Hijama Practitioner,

and mother of seven.

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Cafimat Fican, as known as Yasmin,
is an owner of Fitra Wellness Center with her husband Salih. Fitra Wellness Center decided to host the Cafimat Fican Store in June of 2019, as part of their new website.

Excerpt from:
Kind, Determined, and Happy

Yasmin is from Somalia, a country that is about the size of Texas has an estimated population of 14.5 million, and has been dealing with civil war since 1991.  When asked her reason for coming to America this is what she had to say, “The reason I came was because I was arranged to be married to my cousin, and he was in Madison, Wisconsin.” Salih interjected, “When she was 13 the marriage was arranged. So from 13 to 16, she waited for the paperwork. She also never really saw the guy.” Yasmin replied, “I saw him once in Somalia… but my sister and I spent the night with our cousins in Madison, and he came the next day and he saw me and said ‘What’s your plan?’ and I said ‘I was sent to marry you.’ and he said ‘You don’t love me?’ and I said ‘I don’t even know you, how can I love you if I don’t even know you? My Dad sent me to marry you and I’m here.’ and he said ‘If you don’t love me, then you’re free to go.’ That was the day I was set free. And two years later I met Salih. I stayed in the country. We got an apartment, my sister and I, we got jobs at McDonald's, we worked and had an apartment to share; so we made it.”

Green House

WHere it all started

Yasmin made her YouTube channel in 2015 and started posting videos about her life, her passions, health, and wellness.

Since then she's grown to over 100 thousand subscribers, and her videos get thousands of views from people all over the world.

Field of Flowers

Yasmin’s sister came with her to the U.S. and Yasmin is very grateful that she came along. “I think it would have been terrible if I hadn’t come with my sister, having someone with you is much easier instead of being alone, because that way you have security, I don’t know I was just glad she came with me. And the experiences in the states, we were experiencing it together you know.” She also got to experience a lot of new things when she came to the United States. “When I came here it was January 2nd, and there was so much snow, I’d never seen cold in my entire life like that. I was wearing like summer shoes, summer pants, and a top, we were so cold. Before I went inside the house I told myself that I had to touch whatever this is… Also, we were so afraid of escalators and elevators. But I think that the first year was the strange year, but by the second year, it was like this is home, this normal. I’ve been here 28 years now.”

-Article by Katelyn Mitchell

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