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Before giving birth I made myself a postpartum herbal healing kit and I loved it so much. It helped me feel loved, supported and cared for and I just knew that one day I wanted to be able to offer the same products to other women!

The Box includes: 

Organic Postpartum Vaginal Steam Herbal Blend which can also be used for peri-wash/sitz bath, 

Organic Honored Momma Herbal Tea,

Orange Momma’s Mood Essential Oil Body Spray,

Organic Sessme Warm Womb Massage Oil,

Wooden Vaginal Steam Stool

All organic & herbal products handcrafted with love in Wisconsin! 

A perfect kit for a nurturing baby shower gift for expecting moms and new moms! All products can also be used months and even years after birth. 


Postpartum Healing Box