This package allows an initial hour session to begin your health assessment and two more hours of follow up sessions with guidance to help you through the progress towards your personal health plan.  Often many questions arise once you begin the journey towards good health and this package gives that personal support and the ability to ask more of the necessary questions along the way.  Yasmin can offer recipe suggestions as well as coaching tips for changing your life to allow better health.  These coaching sessions will be done on skype or whatever interactive media you are comfortable with.


(In Somali)
Asalamu Caleykum, baakadaan waxeey wadataa 3 saacadood oo waxa aad u baahan tahay aan kugu caawin karo sida aad jeceshahay. siiba caafimaatka, reerka qooyska ama xaaska dhinaciisa oo sida aad adiga jeceshahay 3 da saacadood aad u isticmaali kartid ama kala qeyb san kartid kuna wada hatli karno waji ku waji sida skype oo kale ama sidi adiga aad jeceshahay.

Nutrition Coaching: Three Hour Session

Health Coaching

    Fitra Wellness center



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